What is Dakota Cheyenne Photography’s goal and mission?

We are here to capture the inner world of the subjects in my photos. We find it crucial to portray the inner world of communities that deserve to be celebrated. We take photojournalism seriously, but that doesn’t mean everything we do has to be serious! Photography is what you make it. We primarily shoot digital, but we do shoot 35mm film from time to time.

My goal behind the camera consists of three parts:

  1. Visibility – To make visible the stories (and the people behind them) that might otherwise go unheard or unseen
  2. Representation – To take photos in a way that represents different culture groups that are not normally seen in mainstream media
  3. Revolution – To portray stories in a way that causes a revolution–whether it be in individual, internal revolution, or a large-scale social one
Who owns the copyright to the images?

Dakota Cheyenne Photography retains all rights to use images, without compensation or notification to the client, for marketing and portfolio purposes. Photos may be displayed in or outside workspaces, on a website, Facebook, Instagram, or on a blog. In some cases, the photos may be used in an app, book, social network, or a magazine.

What if I don’t want you to use the images? Can I give approval of whether my images be used publicly or kept private?

You can definitely do this, but there will be an additional charge for limiting the use of the images. We will cover this when nailing down the contract details prior to any shoots.

What uses will the clients have with the images?

All clients will receive a personalized private online gallery of high-resolution, high quality, edited, color corrected, digital JPEG files, non-watermarked, and web quality images solely for personal use.

How far in advance should clients book your services for a wedding?

At the very least, we like to have a three (3) to six (6) month preparation period in order to get to know the couple, figure out what they want to remember from their big day, and to scope out venues for technical purposes (set-up, lighting, etc.).

If time is a-tickin’ and you need a photographer… although we say three to six months in advance, we understand sometimes time can get away from a person in the midst of wedding planning. We won’t turn anyone away just because they’ve missed the three to six months in advance window!

How many photographers do you provide?

Depending on the booking, such as a wedding, I may bring on a second shooter. Otherwise, I fly solo! Although I usually bring a camera-knowledgeable assistant to help with set-up and/or handling equipment.

What style of photography do you practice?

Portraiture, Photojournalism, Candid, Traditional/Posed — But we are always experimenting and trying new things. After all, photography is not only a service… it is an art!

What is included in your wedding packages?
All packages will include at least 100 JPEG files of your wedding day and prints you get to choose within an online gallery. Professional editing and processing is included as well.

What format are the proofs offered in?

Watermarked proofs are delivered via online gallery. Prints will always be included in the packages, but will be limited to a certain number depending on the event and photo selection.

Are images available for viewing online?


Do you charge for travel expenses? How much?

Yes. This is always dependent on the location of the booking and always discussed prior to finalizing any bookings.

How long does it take for me to get the proofs from a shoot?

Turnaround time for proofs is 7-14 business days. After client receives the proofs and additional editing is in order, please allow an additional 7 business days to receive the final product.

If you find you have a question not listed above, please inquire here!

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