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We are a Los Angeles-based photography team helping clients capture the beauty and specialness of their lives as they see it. It is important to us to capture and document the important moments of your life (thus far) in a way that is unique to you. From your wedding day to a tiny new addition to your family to a breakthrough in learning to love your body the way it is, we want you to relive your special moments one year, five years, even fifty years from now as if it was just yesterday.

When booking with us you are purchasing more than photos of your big life events. You are purchasing photos about your big life events. More importantly, we enjoy getting to know our clients and hope to stay in touch with them for years to come. We do this in hopes of being able to journey with you and document your happiest moments over the years.

We take photojournalism and photography seriously, but that doesn’t mean everything we do has to be serious! Photography is what you make it. We primarily shoot digital, but we do use film too!

When you book with Dakota Cheyenne Photography, you can rest assured your support is going toward the greater good. Dakota Cheyenne Photography donates a portion of its proceeds to the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) in order to support the ongoing fight for social equity and the security of our civil liberties here in the United States.



We specialize in wedding photography and have various packages tailored specifically to your wedding needs. Photography and videography services available.

Engagement Sessions

When people get engaged, they like taking photos to tell the world about it. We’re here to help with that! We offer one-hour engagement sessions for happy couples everywhere!


We offer one-hour boudoir sessions available to anyone who wishes to explore a different side of themselves in a safe environment. All boudoir sessions are in-home sessions unless the client says otherwise. By doing our boudoir sessions in a client’s home, it is a safe space for the client as well as a well-known environment. All sessions come with champagne! To read more about our boudoir process, please read our blog.

Professional Headshots

One-hour professional headshots are available for all the up-and-coming professionals out there. Ideal if you are needing an updated headshot for your professional online profiles or perhaps you are an actor in need of new headshots for an exciting casting call opportunity. Whatever the case, we are happy to help!

Family/Maternity Portraits

We like to stray away from the common, stiff family portraits. We offer one-hour family portraits sessions in which we spend some time with you and your family in your home (or on a walk, at the park, etc.) and we aim to capture the real, genuine moments between you and your family members. We prefer to capture your family/home life in motion.

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From the moment we started looking for a photographer we fell in love with Dakota and her work. … Always constantly amazed throughout the big day by everything they did for us from an emergency kit to helping with my dress (thanks Paige) they are a full rounded service. Highly recommend them! … Thank you for making our day special and amazing.”


-M. Orozco

“Dakota is so talented, professional, kind, outgoing, and extremely generous! She was able to capture every single important moment I wanted captured without even being told … I think my favorite thing about Dakota was that I never had to tell Her what to do or where to be, it was like she was always two steps ahead of me!”


-N. Macias

“Absolutely loved working with Dakota Cheyenne Photography. Dakota’s work is amazing work. She treats photography as a form of art–and it shows in her work.” 


-T. Durst

“Prior to our day, Dakota had several Skype conversations with us and asked what it was we most hoped for out of the event. … Dakota was fair in her pricing and willing to help us maximize our day. We highly recommend Dakota for any photography needs!”


-K. Smith

“After meeting with Dakota one time, I knew she was the correct photographer for my wedding. Everything I asked for was done. We did meet on several occasions (at her request) so I could tell her all of the shots we were hoping to have. My favorite part of her service was that she continued to ask which shots were “can’t miss” for me and my partner.”


-M. Gonzalez


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An Artist’s Burden in a Time of Political Unrest

“When things get really bad, artists respond.” – Cyndi Lauper Art sends a message. Art gives people hope. Art is literally creating something out of nothing–the realization of one a mere thought or dream. The potential of a human being exists within art. You can create anything you want and you can send any message …