Amidst the usual engagement shoots and headshots, sometimes I like to step out of my comfort zone and shoot Boudoir. Boudoir, hands down, has to be my favorite type of photoshoot. I believe Boudoir Photography is meant to not only be a tasteful tease, but a way to empower the subject of the shoot. In a society where we are told our bodies are never good enough (and, ironically, if you are a person who–say it ain’t so–actually likethe way you look then you shouldn’t because reasons X, Y, and Z), I aspire to use boudoir photography to help the subject feel sexy, empowered, and free on their own terms.

Prior to every shoot, I enjoy talking with the subject about what their favorite physical features are, what mood they are wanting to send to the viewer, whether or not they want the photos edited and the physical features about which they might feel insecure. I ask for that last piece of information because, at the end of the shoot, I hope to show the subject their “problem areas” they think they have in a way that moves them to love their bodies and themselves deeper and more fully.


To see some sample photos of my past boudoir shoots, please submit an inquiry here to obtain a temporary viewing password.

Thank you for reading!





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